Mission statement

Visinets Inc. was founded in Jan 2013 with a mission to offer the scientific community, both at academic and corporate settings, an innovative way of modeling biological processes. It takes advantage of graphical (visual) methods at all steps, from drawing the network to model creation and simulation to pathway perturbation analysis. The aim of Visinets Inc. is to advance the “visual modeling” concept as a new integrated approach in modeling of signaling and metabolic pathways, particularly suitable for early stages of the discovery process at the bench. By using graphical objects in lieu of mathematical equations for building biological models, Visinets software may greatly simplify modeling of biological systems and thus broaden the use of such tools in biomedical research and drug development and accelerate the discovery process.


Visinets Inc. interdisciplinary team consists of experienced scientists in their respective fields, computational biology, biophysics, biology, biochemistry and computer science.

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