Welcome to Visinets software tool for modeling and visualization of signaling and metabolic pathways. We recommend this tool not only for modelers, but particularly for biologists who are interested in modeling and are ready for the first step. Our primary goal is the ease of use and we are trying to make every effort for this first experience to be as easy as possible. However, in doing so and to help us accomplish this goal, we would greatly appreciate your comments at

Help is currently only available in pdf format.

  1. Quick Start

    1. Signing up, handling files and menus (pdf)
      1. Registering, opening and handling files
      2. Bars and menus in a nutshell
      3. Side bars: lists of Species and Reactions
      4. Plot and Simulation functions
    2. Drawing and managing networks (pdf)
      1. Binding and enzymatic reactions, and their graphical
      2. How to create binding reaction module
      3. How to create enzymatic reaction module
      4. Explaining Group function
      5. Applying values to Influences (weights)
      6. Applying parameters to Species (initial values)
      7. Arranging reactions into pathways and viewing the details
      8. Explaining clone function
  2. Simulation Engine (pdf)

    1. Analytical description of CMAP
    2. Graphical description of CMAP
  3. Troubleshooting