Pathway modeling

Visinets Inc. has developed and implemented a proprietary pathway modeling software for use in biomedical research. The hallmark of this software is a fully integrated graphical interface and ease of use. It has been designed both as an introductory software package for modeling signaling and metabolic pathways, as well as an advanced modeling tool. The platform is recommended for biologists, biochemists and researchers in the broad field of biomedical sciences who have in-depth knowledge of signaling and metabolic pathways and are ready to model them in a more rigorous manner. To stay updated on our developments please register.

Pathway visualization

Visinets Inc. offers pathway-based visualization of client data in a graphically dynamic way. Such visualization may be a great way for companies specializing in data processing and diagnostic services to present their data in an innovative and highly attractive way in the context of biological pathways. Each custom-made visualization may be executed from Visinets web-based application, or pre-recorded and shown independently in HD video format or attached to client's data report.


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